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Paul Taylor for Parkdale-High Park

“It’s our time to build a country of equality, justice, and opportunity. Let’s get to work!”

Hello! My name is Paul Taylor, and I'm an anti-poverty activist, a community leader, and the Executive Director of FoodShare Toronto.

The pandemic has shown how badly we need a government that works for everyone. That's why I'm running as your Federal NDP candidate here in Parkdale—High Park.

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10 Bold Ideas for Canada

COVID has created a dramatically different world. Yet our government is still building pipelines, still supporting wealth hoarding and inequality, still denying Indigenous communities clean drinking water, and still stalling on critical investments in affordable housing and pharmacare.

We can’t emerge from this pandemic stuck with a system that exploits the vulnerable and rewards the corrupt. We can’t give up our dream of a Canada that truly works for everyone.

Here are 10 Bold Ideas for Canadians to consider.

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"I know that by organizing together, we can bring powerful change to our communities, and to Canada. As a lifelong anti-poverty activist, I’ve seen it firsthand." — Paul Taylor

Do you want Paul's strong voice fighting for Parkdale—High Park in Ottawa? Whether you're new to politics, or a seasoned volunteer, there are lots of ways that you can support this movement and bring Paul and the NDP to parliament.

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“If anything good is to come out of a pandemic, it must be our collective will to move towards a more just society.”