Security for Seniors

It’s time to take better care of each other. 

Everyone deserves to age well and with dignity. But years of Conservative cuts and Liberal inaction are making it harder and harder for seniors to get by. I hear it over and over again from neighbours, whose pension barely covers rent. Couples who don’t know where they’ll live after retirement. 

The Conservatives recklessly raised the age of retirement from 65 to 67 without no consultation, and the Liberal government refused to protect workers’ pension, while dragging their feet on the creation of a real plan to deal with health challenges faced by Canadian seniors. 

As more of our neighbours enter their senior years, we need to be ready to meet their needs. We need to make sure that our institutions and public services are strong and prepared, and that every senior has access to the health care and social support they need to make life easier.

  • We will lead a National Seniors Strategy that will work with provinces, territories and Indigenous governments to make senior health care a priority, reduce isolation and tackle seniors’ poverty. 

  • Our national pharmacare plan will provide prescription medicine to all seniors, saving them hundreds of dollars each year, and ensuring no one has to choose between medicine and other essentials. 

  • Our dental care plan will mean that uninsured seniors can go to the dentist when they need to, without fear of facing costly bills. 

  • Many seniors rely on the caregiving of loved ones. To make life a little more affordable for caregivers, who are overwhelmingly women, we’ll make the Canada Caregiver Tax Credit refundable, providing thousands of dollars to the most low-income caregivers, many who have given up work completely to care for a loved one.

  • Our plan would fully remove private profit from long-term care, by transitioning all for-profit care to non-for-profit care by 2030, and investing an additional $5 billion over the next four years in long-term care to boost the number of not-for-profit care homes. 

  • Every senior should have a safe, affordable place to call home. Our commitment to create half a million affordable housing units in the next decade will include accessible housing that increases choices for seniors. 

It’s time to take better care of each other. 

Add your name if you agree that it’s time to ensure our loved ones get the support they need and the best care possible. 

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