Respecting Indigenous Rights

We need to make true partnership with Indigenous Peoples a top priority. 

Across our riding, I am hearing from neighbours who know it’s time for us to do better. That our country has failed Indigenous Peoples for far too long. 

Past governments have denied Indigenous peoples of their basic rights, stolen children from families and land from communities. Their resilience in the face of genocide and the ongoing impact of our country’s colonial legacy is why Indigenous people, language and culture survives in Canada today. 

Words are not enough. Continued talk about reconciliation isn’t enough. Especially when our government is spending millions on fighting Indigenous children in court. When they keep delivering further delays on promises of clean drinking water.

We’ll make sure Indigenous communities have safe housing, clean water, quality education, and access to healthcare. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP will honour our commitments to:

  • Safe housing
  • Clean drinking water NOW
  • Respectful, safe access to health care
  • Ending the underfunding of Indigenous children’s services 
  • True and equal partnership in undertaking the important work of reconciliation in our country

Enough is enough. We must do better.

Add your name to show your support and make true and equal Reconciliation a priority for our country.

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