Bold Action on Climate Change

Justin Trudeau promised to do something about the climate crisis—but he keeps giving out huge fossil fuel subsidies and buying pipelines. The result? Canada has never hit any of the climate targets it has set.

Paul Taylor and Jagmeet Singh's NDP are prioritizing the fight for real climate action that puts people and our planet at the centre of our climate future.

Our plan will:

  • set an ambitious target of reducing our emissions by at least 50% from 2005 levels by 2030
  • eliminate Harper and Trudeau's fossil fuel subsidies and put carbon budgets in place
  • create one million new, good jobs in all regions with green infrastructure investments to ensure workers aren't left behind as the world moves to a zero-carbon economy
  • create a National Crisis Strategy to help communities reduce and respond to climate risks
  • enshrine an Environmental Bill of Rights in law, and protect 30% of our land, freshwater, and oceans by 2040.

Working together with First Nations, Inuit, and Métis as full and equal partners is critical to the fight against climate change. We're committed to supporting Indigenous leadership in climate action, respect for Indigenous rights and lands, and implementation of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Healthy Families and Communities

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen our healthcare system pushed to the brink. That’s why the NDP has a plan to deliver universal and comprehensive pharmacare, dental care, and mental health services to all Canadians.

  • Universal, Comprehensive Pharmacare
    Canadians pay the third highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. It’s been over two decades since the Liberals promised pharmacare, yet 1 in 5 Canadians can't the medicine they need because they can’t afford it. Our plan to finally implement universal pharamcare will generate system-wide savings of $4.2 billion. It will also save families with private drug coverage an average of $500+ per year, and save businesses approximately $600 per employee with extended health benefits per year.

  • A National Dental Plan for Everyone
    6.5 million Canadians don’t have any dental coverage. Young people, seniors, low-wage and precarious workers are bearing the brunt, with little to no insurance coverage to get the care they need. Our national dental care plan that will provide coverage to millions of uninsured Canadians, right away, to help ensure everyone has access to a healthy smile.

  • Access to Mental Health Care
    An NDP government will work with provinces and territories to put in place a truly comprehensive approach to mental health services. Our pharmacare plan will also mean that prescription medication for mental health care will now be available free of cost to Canadians.

Safe, Affordable Housing

Trudeau and the Liberals have let housing speculators and corporate landlords make enormous profits, while our rents skyrocketed and housing prices ballooned.

We need real housing solutions – now. That’s why the NDP will:

  • Build 500,000 new units of affordable housing.
  • Provide immediate rent relief to tenants.
  • Crack down on the speculators and money launderers who fuel skyrocketing prices.
  • Kick-start the construction of co-ops, social and non-profit housing.
  • Double the Home Buyer’s Tax Credit.

The Liberals have voted against investing in affordable housing—while people in our riding struggle to stay in the neighbourhoods where they live, work, and go to school.

True Partnership with Indigenous Peoples

Past governments have denied Indigenous peoples of their basic rights, stolen children from families and land from communities. Their resilience in the face of genocide and the ongoing impact of our country’s colonial legacy is why Indigenous people, language and culture survives in Canada today. 

Words are not enough. Especially when our government is spending millions on fighting Indigenous children in court. Jagmeet Singh’s NDP will honour our commitments and ensure:

  • Safe housing
  • Clean drinking water NOW
  • Respectful, safe access to health care
  • Ending the under-funding of Indigenous children’s services 
  • True and equal partnership in undertaking the important work of reconciliation in our country

Enough is enough. We must do better.

An Economy that Works for Everyone

It’s time for a government that works for us, not billionaires. 

When leaders are earning hundreds of times more than their workers during a global crisis, something is profoundly wrong. The wealth of Canada’s billionaires increased by over $78 billion since March 2020, while 5.5 million Canadian workers lost their jobs, or had their hours cut by more than half at the pandemic’s peak.

Our country can’t truly recover from the pandemic until hope, prosperity and security are within reach for everyone. The NDP has a plan for better, with supports like:

  • Paid sick leave
  • A fair, living minimum wage for all
  • Closing tax loopholes and shutting down tax havens, to save Canadians more than $16 billion every year
  • A 1% wealth tax on people with over $10 million
  • Treating workers as essential at all times, not just during emergencies

We will increase sick leave and the minimum wage, and tax the ultra-wealthy to provide a better quality of life for all Canadians. 

Quality, Affordable Child Care 

There is an affordability crisis in our city, and young families are struggling under the burden. 

Child care costs in Toronto are higher than anywhere else in Canada. Young families are having a harder and harder time keeping up, as parents are left waiting for available child care spaces, and women are disproportionately being pushed out of the workforce as a result.

Over the last six years, we’ve seen fees continue to rise, without meaningful action from the Liberal government. 

Paul Taylor and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is committed to helping families, now. 

  • We’ll immediately work with provinces to build a universal, $10 a day childcare system that’s accessible to all parents, regardless of where you live
  • We’ll work directly with families, childcare workers, Indigenous communities and all levels of government to ensure our plan is responsive and inclusive
  • We’ll introduce legislation that enshrines canada’s commitment to high-quality, public child care in law 
  • We’ll take immediate action to save child care centres that are at risk of closure, with relief funding to re-open spaces that were lost during COVID-19.
  • We’ll ensure child care workers are paid a fair, living wage.

Families in Parkdale-High Park should not have to spend entire salaries, or months on wait lists.