Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen our healthcare system pushed to the brink. That’s why the NDP has a plan to deliver universal and comprehensive pharmacare, dental care, and mental health services to all Canadians.

  • Universal, Comprehensive Pharmacare
    Canadians pay the third highest prices for prescription drugs in the world. It’s been over two decades since the Liberals promised pharmacare, yet 1 in 5 Canadians can't get the medicine they need because they can’t afford it. Our plan to finally implement universal pharamcare will generate system-wide savings of $4.2 billion. It will also save families with private drug coverage an average of $500+ per year, and save businesses approximately $600 per employee with extended health benefits per year.

  • A National Dental Plan for Everyone
    6.5 million Canadians don’t have any dental coverage. Young people, seniors, low-wage and precarious workers are bearing the brunt, with little to no insurance coverage to get the care they need. Our national dental care plan that will provide coverage to millions of uninsured Canadians, right away, to help ensure everyone has access to a healthy smile.

  • Access to Mental Health Care
    An NDP government will work with provinces and territories to put in place a truly comprehensive approach to mental health services. Our pharmacare plan will also mean that prescription medication for mental health care will now be available free of cost to Canadians.


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