Quality, Affordable Child Care

We need to prioritize making life more affordable for families.

There is an affordability crisis in our city, and young families are struggling under the burden. 

Child care costs in Toronto are higher than anywhere else in Canada. Young families are having a harder and harder time keeping up, as parents are left waiting for available child care spaces, and women are disproportionately being pushed out of the workforce as a result.

Over the last six years, we’ve seen fees continue to rise, without meaningful action from the Liberal government. 

Paul Taylor and Jagmeet Singh’s NDP is committed to helping families, now. 

  • We’ll immediately work with provinces to build a universal, $10 a day childcare system that’s accessible to all parents, regardless of where you live
  • We’ll work directly with families, childcare workers, Indigenous communities and all levels of government to ensure our plan is responsive and inclusive
  • We’ll introduce legislation that enshrines canada’s commitment to high-quality, public child care in law 
  • We’ll take immediate action to save child care centres that are at risk of closure, with relief funding to re-open spaces that were lost during COVID-19.
  • We’ll ensure child care workers are paid a fair, living wage.

Families in Parkdale-High Park should not have to spend entire salaries, or months on wait lists.


Add your name to support our plan for quality, affordable child care for everyone. 

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